At Myers Machining we work with our customers to anticipate industry requirements and then use
 our Engineering and Machining skills to develop equipment or tooling:
1. Simplify the manufacturing process.
2. Reduce end user assembly costs.
3. Substitute materials and components for better performance and lower cost.
4. Best utilize our total manufacturing capabilities.
5. Increase product quality and reliability.
6. Reduces repair costs
Our staff is skilled and dedicated to delivery a quality product with an on time delivery.  Training is conducted to
maintain and enhance our state-of-the-art equipment.
We have the full manufacturing capability to:
1.Design and build metal working tools in conventional tool steels or any other materials.
2.Design and build machines and equipment.
3.Utilize advanced C.N.C. machine tools.
4.Rebuild and repair machinery and equipment.
5.Design and fabricate plastic tubing assemblies.
6.Machining of forgings- materials including Waspoloy, 901, 768 and other Inconels and Alloys.
Our strength lies in helping people solve product problems and then following through with unique
manufacturing methods and on-time delivery.
We have the ability to translate engineering concepts into feasible products and offer diversified
production capability in metal work, plastic fabrication and assembly.
We believe that you can capitalize on our strengths to help give you a competitive edge and we welcome
your inquiries.  For additional information, please write, call or e-mail.
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